Ecig USA Shop

Ecig shops are branching out in every city in the United States.  In addition to ecig stores, there are now e cigarette lounges where you can hand out and vape on your electronic cigarette with fellow smokers similar to a tobacco or cigar shop.  The trend is catching on throughout the good old USA.

Some of these stores are now starting to sell only USA made e cig starter kits, batteries, supplies, eliquid, juice and etc.  This is especially true in the mid west of the US.  I am really happy to hear bout this because we need to stick together and support products made and sold by fellow Americans.

For those of you who shop online, websites will tell you that they only sell American made products if they do so.  Absent the website telling you that they only sell American made electronic cigarette starter kits and accessories you are best to assume that they sell products made in China.

American Made E Cigs

There are a handful of American made e cigs so it is very important that we help these e cig brands stay in business.  The good news about most of these e cigs made in USA is that the ones we are going to talk about all produce high quality e cigarettes so you will get a good product in addition to helping our country.

Unlike with tobacco cigarettes, most of the American e cigarette companies are not as well funded cause the e-cig industry is relatively new.  Although sales are projected to exceed one billion dollars this year the money is spread between many small e cig brands instead of in the hands of a few large e cigarette companies so your decision to buy from a e cig made in American will have a profound effect.

In the next few days we are going to feature some of the best e cigarette brands that are produce in the USA for you to read about so come one back to our site to learn about them.