American Made E Cigs

There are a handful of American made e cigs so it is very important that we help these e cig brands stay in business.  The good news about most of these e cigs made in USA is that the ones we are going to talk about all produce high quality e cigarettes so you will get a good product in addition to helping our country.

Unlike with tobacco cigarettes, most of the American e cigarette companies are not as well funded cause the e-cig industry is relatively new.  Although sales are projected to exceed one billion dollars this year the money is spread between many small e cig brands instead of in the hands of a few large e cigarette companies so your decision to buy from a e cig made in American will have a profound effect.

In the next few days we are going to feature some of the best e cigarette brands that are produce in the USA for you to read about so come one back to our site to learn about them.